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As a songwriter, every time your song is downloaded from iTunes, streamed worldwide on Spotify, performed live at a venue somewhere or it gets synced to a TV show or film, you are entitled to receive royalties from it.


Our music publishing administration ensures that these royalties are collected properly on your behalf.

Here are types of royalties we can collect:


Mechanicals from streaming - Mechanicals from download - Mechanical from physical  - Print   

Synchronization Fees   - Master Use Fees   - Ringtones


Performance royalties are collected by PRO (Performing Rights Organization).  You need to be a member of BMI, ASCAP, SESAC, or SOCAN) for us to register and collect your royalties.  We recommend that you affiliate with either one of them if you haven't done so yet. Once affiliated, we can register your compositions directly, collect your royalties and distribute them to you. Don't let your hard earn money sit uncollected somewhere where it eventually goes to a black box. This is an account where all the unclaimed royalties go to. After certain years and it doesn't get claimed by the rights holder, it will get disbursed to the rest of the members to balance it out.

If you need assistance getting setup with a PRO, send us a line and will be happy to help.

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