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For Lavera, mixed heritage brought a variety of influences to her musical styles, citing inspiration from artists like Al Green, Earth Wind & Fire, TLC and Ashanti, as well as rock and alternative bands such as Led Zeppelin, Slipknot, and Blink-182 among many others. Being moved by all of these different cultures and sounds has been a main focal point in her music, causing her to push her boundaries and create without limiting herself. Lavera describes her current form of songwriting as sultry,smooth, soft, and wavy, like a set of intimate stories:


“Each song I write is a story or experience that I’ve gone through in life and have taken with me to transform into music. I try to paint a picture for the listener, and form a connection through music. Most things in life are relative and I appreciate that people can experience things differently. With each story I write, I hope each person can connect with it in their own personal way.”


Lavera has an eclectic approach to her writing, involving genres such as indie, R&B, future funk, nerdcore, and more. Things such as Anime and Otaku culture have always been a big part of her life as well, and has inspired her to include notes of anime and video game sub-cultures in her writing, among many other things. “Creation should be limitless.” she emphasizes, “No one should feel tied to any kind of look or genre. The universe is infinite and so are you.”


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