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If you’re an artist looking for the right production team, we have a network of experienced record producers that we can pair you up with to develop your idea into life.  From songwriting, hiring session musicians or booking a recording studio, we’ll take care of all the logistics to get your project completed.

Krissy and Ericka recording
Avid S6 Console


Attention to detail is the true art of mixing.  Knowing how not to over compressed, apply EQ when needed & apply a few techniques like side-chain and parallel compression are some of the value that can be added to maximize the music production. We have engineers that worked on specific genre to make sure that the final sound is well in-tune on what is current.  


Providing mastering services to community of artist, signed or independent, for 10 years plus.  Our engineers have the knowledge & experience to finalize your song the best sonically possible without compromising its audio integrity.  Although mastering can be done with an advance auto-mastering algorithm, we still believe that nothing can beat the human ear. 

Coast Mastering
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