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Jazelle –A Filipino-American Bay Area native enters the scene with her acoustic sound paired with melodic pop.


As an only child from a musical family, Jazelle credits her musical foundation to her parents. Her mother started singing to her while she was still in her womb, while her father served as her music teacher growing up. After learning drums, piano, and guitar, she finally found her passion for the bass. She quickly joined a funk/pop-infused band and put her craft to work.


Like many artists, the inspiration behind Jazelle’s music comes from personal struggle: “High school was a really difficult time. I had normal experiences, but I felt like I was still trying hard to fit in even if I was surrounded by friends that weren’t judgmental or anything.”


To cope, Jazelle dedicated her time to songwriting and music production that would soon get the attention of her friends and family. “I fell in love with expressing myself through music. I always wondered what my thoughts would sound like.”


When Jazelle turned 20, she walked through the doors of a local church that would change her life and creative perspective. She continued writing and producing her own music, playing bass and leading the worship service at her new spiritual home. Now, her mission is to create worshipful art that reflects her life experience and personal walk with God.


“I want to be a part of the collective that is the bridge to secular and church music. Worship comes in all forms and interpretation, and it is a devotion. I could be writing a song about how beautiful the sunset is and that’s an expression of worship because that is His creation.”


Jazelle credits her individual sound to the influence of artists such as BELOVED, Lizzy McAlpine, Chelsea Cutler, and John Mark McMillan. She hopes her music will connect with people and leave them knowing they are loved


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