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Record stores with physical products. 

Back in the day, music is purchased from a brick and mortar record stores. 

Vinyls, CDs, Cassettes & even Mini Discs, in their short stint on the shelf, needed to be manufactured which cost a whole lot of money. This is mostly due to the cost of goods, labor, duplication & shipping of the physical products to all the different record stores.

Those days are gone and over.


We now live in an age where everything is at your fingertips with a swipe or a press of a button.  Digital download is how music is consumed in today's world.  Streaming and subscriptions models are now almost on par and most likely will supersede the former in the future.  Technology has made it easy accessing these different types of music around the world. 

Consider us your new partner!

We can your push your content to any online music store like iTunes, GooglePlay, Amazon, Spotify and the rest of the online retailers you can imagine.  You can also choose specific stores to concentrate on where your music goes to. Be it for chart positioning or other metrics reasoning, we can modify certain aspects of your release however you see fit.  As an artist, you are in control.  

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